5 Things You Are Grateful For

Last year I was going through a rough patch that felt like it lasted forever. With each day it felt like I was going deeper and deeper in to a dark space that had no light at the end of the tunnel. Being known as Mr Positive made it difficult to express myself to others, plus there was also the feeling that no one would understand. If you’ve heard my track Off My Mind a lot of the emotions were poured into it.

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Off My Mind played on BBC Introducing!!

Last week on Feb 11th, Off My Mind was played on BBC introducing in Beds, Herts and Bucks by Danny Fullbrook. Super excited about this especially with it being the first track released from the Birthed by Hip Hop mixtape. Continue reading “Off My Mind played on BBC Introducing!!”

Dreams without goals are just dreams – Denzel Washington

Following my previous post Wanting To Be Visible, A Dreamer’s Dilemma , a friend of mine commented and said how it reminded them of a Denzel Washington video. Continue reading “Dreams without goals are just dreams – Denzel Washington”

Wanting To Be Visible, A Dreamer’s Dilemma

As an artist and relentless dreamer it can be disheartening when you are nowhere near where you want to be. When you feel miles away from the destination that you dream of. When you see others who in a short amount of time have become 100 times more visible than you are or more successful with their ideas than you are.
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Off My Mind Has Been Written About

So this week I released the first song from the “Birthed by Hip Hop” mixtape called “Off My Mind”!! I really appreciate the response to it so far. When others appreciate your art it really makes the grind all worth it. Off My Mind has also kindly been written about by Naye Fshr on his Music Journal website, which is much appreciated.

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1st Month of the Year’s Done: Importance of Reflection

Right, right, right. The first month of the year is nearly over. Soooo what have you done? I love the beginning of the year, when everyone comes up with New Year’s resolutions that are lucky to see February. I love the idea of waiting until January 1st to make a change. It’s a brilliant idea. (Getting the sarcasm here?)

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Work with the tools you have

Welcome to my blog!!

I am quite excited to start this (if you can’t tell by the previous exclamation marks). I have titled this post “Work with the tools you have”. Why? Because yes there is a lot I want to do to improve this blog and site, there are certain branding elements that I want ready, features that I want ready and the list goes on.

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